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QPI ensures that all the products that are being carried out meets our high-quality standards. We give our assurance that all QPI products are of high performance, as well as durable but with reasonable cost for all outdoor and indoor printing solutions.


Service excellence is our heart and soul. We make sure and continue to meet and exceed our commitments.
Complete on-site start up assistance.
Extensive operator training.
Our service doctrine- 24/7 (24 hours, 7 days a week).


QPI delivers compelling value propositions that demonstrate our full understanding of our client's business and needs. Leading technology that delivers superior output and a true partnership approach to help our clients grow their business.

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Direct Printing

Direct Printing

Direct Printing

Direct Printing

Box Cutting

Sticker Cutting

Acrylic Printing

Tarpaulin Printing

UV Flatbed Printing

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